Welcome to my retro home page

My name is Sylwester. I am a computer scientist from Norway working as a frontend developer at the broadcasting company NEP Norway.

The EBF compiler

If you have similar interest you may be interested in my summer project EBF where I create a brainfuck compiler that allows a extended subset of the language. the compiler will, of cource, create standard bf-code that can be run on all interprenters.

The original idea was to make writing programs easier and by using one byte opcodes and one bytes names it was easy to make the first version. Today, EBF is a large software package where it's possible to create maintainable and readable code. Of course, being backward compatible you may write obscure EBF-code no easier to read than BF. I kinda like perls "there's more than one way to do it".

Zozotez - A LISP implemented with EBF

ZZT So, after creating quines, hellow world and other examples in EBF I decided it was time to cerate what I have always wanted to do in BF. Implement a high level programming language in BF.

The Idea is probably not new and there is a lot of people who has doen the other way around (created a BF-interpreter/compiler in LISP) You may ask yourself why LISP? The answer is easy. LISP matches the programming power of ANY high level language with syntax which is easy extremly easy to parse. That is, when you write the parser in somethng easier than EBF :)

Since people have implemented compilers and interpreters for BF in probably all thinkable platforms and programming languages Zozotez will propably be the most portable LISP ever.

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